Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bus service is going to start between UK and Pakistan

Bus service is going to start between UK and Pakistan 130 Pound travel in 12 days and 7 countries Pass, last stop Pakistan
برطانیہ سے پاکستان بس سروس شروع کرنے کی منصوبہ بندی، ٹکٹ 130 پاؤنڈ 

ویب ڈیسک جمعرات 27 ستمبر 2012

یہ بائی روڈ سفر ایڈونچرسے بھرپور ہوگااور اس کے دوران ریسٹورانٹس میں قیام سمیت کئی سہولیات مہیا کی جائیں گی۔ فوٹو : فائل 

برطانیہ سے پاکستان بس سروس شروع کرنے کی منصوبہ بندی ،ٹکٹ کی قیمت 130 پاؤنڈ رکھنے کا فیصلہ۔

تفصیلات کے مطابق برطانیہ اورپاکستان برمنگھم سےپاکستان بس سروس شروع کرنےکی منصوبہ بندی کر رہے ہیں، بس سروس سے4 ہزارمیل کا سفر 12روز میں طے کیا جائے گا، اس سفرکے دوران بس 7 ملکوں سے گزرے گی، بائی روڈ سفر کے دوران ریسٹورانٹس میں قیام سمیت کئی سہولیات مہیا کی جائیں گی، بس ہرہفتے 2 بارچلائی جائے گی اوراس کے ٹکٹ کی قیمت 130 پاؤنڈ ہوگی۔

بس سروس کےلیے کوئٹہ اورمیرپورکے اسٹاپ کے دوران سکیورٹی کے خدشات اٹھائے گئے ہیں، جنہیں دورکرنےکیلیے مزاکرات جاری ہیں۔

Friday, October 19, 2012

Saif and Kareena Wedding Latest Pics

The favourite couple of B-town is just hours away from tying the coveted knot. And here’s how they looked during the first official ceremony
We’ve been talking about Saif Ali Khan-Kareena Kapoor’s wedding for months now. And finally, when the D-day is just a few hours away, we managed to get a sneak peek into the jodi’s sangeetceremony. Yup, and it was a sneaky peek because the Khan and Kapoor parivaars had actually made all arrangements to keep the ceremony very private.
Even so, we spotted the members of the respective families – dressed in the finest of attires – walking into Kareena’s Bandra residence. So who all were spotted? Apart from the to-be groom Saif Ali Khan, who was dressed in elegant white and the to-be bride Kareena, who was looking resplendent in a golden choli and orangish-yellow ghagra, there were Saif’s sisters Saba Ali Khan, Soha Ali Khan with beau Kunal Khemu, Neetu Kapoor, Babita, Malaika Arora Khan, Karan Johar, Tusshar Kapoor, Amrita Arora, Shakeel Ladak, Sanjay Kapoor with wife Maheep Kapoor and designer Manish Malhotra.
Also, if the buzz is to be believed Saif’s ex-wife wife Amrita Singh was also present at the ceremony with daughter Sara Khan in tow. But nothing has been confirmed yet.
What’s more, Manish was even heard saying, “It’s just a fun party!” Ahem ahem. We’re sure it was much more than that, dear MM. And the same is clear from these pics too. Curious to see how the hosts and the guests looked at the function…then go ahead, take a look at the pics!

Much has been said about the impending wedding of Saif Ali Khan with Kareena Kapoor. The marriage is not in Copacabana or Maldives as reported but will be right here in India. The ceremonies will be held in Delhi and Mumbai. Sharmila Tagore has apparently said that the wedding will now happen in two stages, with an actual ceremony in Delhi followed by a lavish celebrity affair in Mumbai, Mid Day reported. Sharmila Tagore also told the tabloid that the royal wedding will be attended by close family members only and will take place by the end of this year, hopefully in October itself. Saif and Kareena have been dating for five years now. The couple had officially declared that they will tie the knot in the beginning of 2012, after the release of their film Agent Vinod but that was postponed. 41-year-old Saif has two children, son Ibrahim and daughter Sara, from his previous marriage to actress Amrita Singh. Kareena, too, dated Shahid Kapoor for three years before committing to the Nawab of Pataudi.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Funny way to fold the bank notes

Ayesha Sana Biography

Ayesha Sana's Biography
Ayesha Sana is a Pakistani actress who has appeared in film, television, and theatre performances. She graduated from Convent of Jesus and Mary in Delhi, India and attended Kinnaird College in Lahore, where she studied law. She went on to get an external law degree at the University of London. Sana is a single mother and has one son, named Ahad. She once hosted a television show called Lines of Style!. In 2006, she became the host, and member of the board of executives, for PTV's Meena Bazaar. Currently she is hosting the most popular show 'Meena Bazaar with Ayesha sana' from PTV center Lahore.

Ayesha Sana

Fancy Hairstyles

Canvas Art

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