Friday, February 20, 2009

First Light Powers Itself via a Hanging Weight ... USB Copier

This First Light lamp might looks like some sort of contraption from an alien hair salon, but it's actually an eco-friendly lamp that doesn't need to be plugged into provide a warm glow. Instead, much like a grandfather clock, it relies on a weight that's wound up every day to provide it with the energy to keep shining.
There's no word on pricing or availability for this unique object, unfortunately

The USB duplicator, which is the fastest product currently available on the market, offers 7MB/sec write speed on each of its 60 ports, simultaneously resulting in a 420MB per second total duplication throughput.
The USB duplicator, with its capacity to copy from 1 to 60 cards at once, compliments the already existing line of Compact Flash and SD/SDHC flash card duplicators. All products feature IP Multicast duplication, which allows connecting several units via IP Multicast protocol for large-volume duplication. Also, the “Smart Duplication” technology permits copying only actual files instead of creating a full binary copy of the flash drive.

The USB duplicator can copy sixty 1GB USB flash drives in slightly over 2 minutes. The USB duplicator can be managed from either USB or Fast Ethernet ports. It can operate in a “low-level binary” mode, supporting all existing file systems that include FAT and NTFS.
Alternatively, the “smart duplication” mode allows only actual files to be copied, resulting in faster duplication times. Several USB duplicators can be stacked via the Ethernet ports, creating one large USB duplication farm with hundreds of ports. The USB duplicator can encrypt data on the fly with 128bits AES cipher, with individual keys for each flash drive. Powerful Windows management software comes free of charge, and can be used for the configuration and monitoring of its operations.

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