Friday, May 29, 2009




Friendship consist on two words. One is ‘FRIEND’ & the other word is ‘SHIP’.
I would like to introduce u with the word ‘Friend’ First:


Friend is a very Beautiful Word. Friend is a person (He or She), with which
u can share each n every thing. Each n every thing means ur feelings, ur emotions
as well as ur personal matters. But If u have trust on that friend. (trust is necessary)

Now I will discuss about the second word, which is ship:


Ship is a thing, Which moves on the deeeeeep sea. All the Friends(Who have trust on each other) Travels in it for a long long journey of life. Ship secures them from the Ups n Downs of the sea waves. Ship gives them a mentally as well as spiritually satisfaction in the travel of Friendship.


In my thinking Friendship is a relational bond. When these two words(Friend n Ship) are combined together, then nobody can make the difference between the Friends,
as well as nobody can break the trust of the Friends. Simply, if two persons trust on each other, that’s called a good Friendship n If they don’t have trust on each other, there is no Friendship.

If anybody have a good, sincere, honest, truthful, frank n heartfelt Friend,
I think that person is the luckiest person of this world.

Request: (About Friendship, this is my personal theme by my heart n Now it’s depend upon u that how much marks, u will be given to me(Out Of 100) in this test. It Was such a Difficult test(OH MY GOD). Now, i will wait for the result.

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