Friday, May 25, 2012

Snog arranges street party at Zamzama

 Ayesha Khan with Shezi Chagla

KARACHI: Snog arrived with a bang street party held on 6th Commercial Lane, Zamzama. The event was a huge success with hundreds of people turning out to enjoy the yummy taster cups of Snog frozen yogurt.

 Guest n ÇÑnÇÑnÇÑ with BNA

The Snog street party was a unique and novel event which included a dance performance to a Snog song by ActOne, Karachi’s oldest and most prestigious center of the arts and wellness. The street was completely blocked off by a grand pink carpet, probably the largest such carpet ever seen at a Karachi event.

 Sana Merchant and Saraa Gheewala

Saraa Gheewala, Snog Franchisee Pakistan, said: “A lot of hard work has gone into planning the event and not only the event but also into Snog as a brand. I’ve been working on setting up Snog here in Pakistan for the last year and tonight’s success has made all the hard work worthwhile. I’ve had huge amounts of support from family, friends and colleagues and I’d like to especially thank Kat, my colleague from New Zealand, who has spent a lot of time helping with the start up of Snog in Karachi and tonight we are both very proud of ourselves”.

 Salman, Monalisa and Deepak Perwani

“This is easily one of the best parties I have ever attended,” said Hazan D, renowned salsa dancer who choreographed the dance for Snog. “It’s a true party on the street.”

 Shehzi and Mustafa Chagla with Family

The dancers would perform every hour or so and formed the words: “I Fancy A Snog”, depicting the slogan of Snog, frozen yogurt.
The DJ of the party kept the mood of the party upbeat and fun, by playing an exciting selection of Snog songs throughout the event. Guests could be seen mingling and enjoying themselves at all times on the pink carpet, sipping on the pink drinks and poking fun at the security guards holding hot pink guns.
Kat Anaru, who hails from New Zealand and now works for the franchise here in Pakistan commented that “the whole night epitomizes the philosophy behind Snog – it’s fresh, fun and about having a guilt-free good time.  We want to create an atmosphere in the shop that welcomes everyone and encourages them to enjoy life in general and some delicious fro yo in particular! That’s what tonight has all been about.”
“This is fantastic,” said Ali Saleem aka Begum Nawazish Ali, who came dressed up in a hot pink sari to compliment the colors of Snog. “I love Snog, and I absolutely love this party dahling.”
Other celebrities seen mingling at the event were supermodel Nadya Hussain, model cum actress Sunita Marshall, renowned actress Serwat Gillani, singer Zoe Viccaji and a multitude of others. The pink carpet was hosted by one of Karachi’s most well known VJ’s called VJ Fatima, who kept up a steady repertoire of jokes, wisecracks and anecdotes on the pink carpet.
The party began at 6:30 pm sharp when the first pink ribbon was cut by Saraa Gheewala and renowned columnist Ardeshir Cowasjee. Half an hour later, the second pink ribbon was cut again by Saraa Gheewala and co-founders of the brand Robert Baines and Pablo Uribe with her family and friends behind her.

 Robert Baines and Pablo Uribe

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