Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NADRA Begins Revalidation of Computerized Arms Licences

NADRA Begins Revalidation of Computerized Arms Licences

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The National Database & Registration Authority (Nadra) has started the revalidation process of arms licences issued by the Ministry of Interior.

Nadra Deputy Chairman Tariq Malik said that the process will provide transparency and authenticity of arms licence and proper data will be available with the Ministry of Interior. He said Nadra will process arms licences on behalf of Ministry of Interior; however the approval of each arms license application is the sole discretion of the ministry. Nadra will only process those applications which have the approval of the ministry.

He said original CNICs and original licences (along with photocopies) are pre-requisite for revalidation along with application form available at Nadra Centres and Ministry of Interior website. Nadra would verify the CNICs from its database to check the genuineness of an applicant while the applicant s credentials would also be checked by different law enforcement agencies. Card Renewal fee of Rs1100 for PB (Prohibited Bore) licence and Rs600 for NPB (Non Prohibited Bore) licence will be charged along with any payable in respect of Government license renewal fee dues. The original booklet will be retained by Nadra.

All original booklets will be forwarded by Nadra to the Ministry of Interior for post verification. He said that Nadra has designated 158 centres across the country where a separate counter in each designated centre has been established to receive the applications regarding the renewal of arms licences.

He shared the figures that 13 NADRA Registration Centres (NRCs) in Multan, 30 NRCs in Quetta, 14 NRCs in Lahore, 10 NRCs in Sargodha, 32 NRCs Peshawar, 24 NRCs in Islamabad, 11 NRCs in Hyderabad, 10 NRCs in Sukkur, 13 NRCs in Karachi and one centre at Sector G-10 Islamabad for Arms License Project Site will facilitate the applicants for the Arm Licences.

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He said Govt. has extended deadline from August 31, 2011 to September 30, 2011, this deadline encompasses all Pakistan for renewal of arms licences specifically issued by the Ministry of Interior. However, this project does not cater for computerisation of manual Arms Licenses issued by the provincial governments. The above arrangements will facilitate all the arms license holders.

He said whole exercise of revalidation and issuance of arms licence would help government to check illegal weapons in the country while record of legal arms will be updated on district-wise which will be helpful for law enforcement agencies.

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